How Do You Make a Ring Out of a Dollar Bill?

How Do You Make a Ring Out of a Dollar Bill?

Make a ring with a one dollar bill by folding the dollar in half twice lengthwise. Next, curve the bill slightly, and fold one end at 90 degrees. Roll the dollar bill, and tuck.

  1. Make the initial folds

    Place the dollar bill face-side down, and fold it in half, long ways. Repeat the fold. Next, at the end of the bill, fold the white edge away from you. Finally, fold the "1" on the same end so it is centered in a small square.

  2. Make a folded curve

    Lightly curve the bill at the center. Next, fold the dollar bill at the curve, and make a 90-degree angle. The length of the horizontal side varies on the size of the desired finger. Measure your finger before making the fold for better accuracy.

  3. Prepare the dollar for rolling

    Wrap the vertical piece around the horizontal piece so it points downward. Flip the bill so the vertical piece remains on top.

  4. Roll the dollar

    Wrap the horizontal piece around the vertical side. Make sure to leave a gap for your finger. Wrap the vertical piece downward and up through the hole. Finally, tuck the flap with the folded "1" into the vertical piece to hold the ring in place.