How do you make a resource pack in Minecraft?


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To make a resource pack for Minecraft 1.7, Photoshop, Minecraft, and WinRAR (file achiever to help open certain files) are required. Windows version 7 or higher is preferred for the best results.

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In order to make a resource pack, which are specific only to the game Minecraft, several programs are necessary to develop and open them, as well as apply them to the game.

  1. Go to the start menu, type "Run" into the search bar. In the box that pops up, type "%appdata%" - click ok.
  2. Click on a folder called ".minecraft". Click on "versions". Click on the most current.
  3. Right-click on this, and click "open with". Choose "WinRAR Achiever". Click "Assets" folder, then press "ctrl+C" on your keyboard. Create a new folder on the computer's desktop; Right-click and name.
  4. Open the new folder and pres "ctrl+V". Repeat these steps with "pack.png" to add to new folder.
  5. Go online and download a basic default 1.8 Minecraft Resource pack meta.
  6. Paste this into the new folder. Open meta in notepad. Name the meta; save it.
  7. Open Photoshop. Under the File Tab, click "open" - choose new folder. Go into the downloaded meta; choose "items".
  8. Resize to a larger size and reduce blurriness. Or go to google and find a premade item on google images.
  9. Cut the item out of the background. Edit as desired.
  10. Once satisfied, save it.
  11. Minimize Photoshop, open the new folder; left-click and hold down "shift" key to highlight all three items (assets folder, the default meta pack, and pack.png). Right-click "Add to Archive" and choose Zip. Click ok.
  12. Return to appdata, go to .minecraft and click on folder called "resource packs". Ctrl+C the items in new folder and then press ctrl+V in the Resource Pack folder.
  13. Go to Minecraft game, click on options, and the new resource pack should show up in the list.
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