How Do You Make a Red Matter Sword on "Tekkit"?


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The red matter sword is a weapon introduced in the "Equivalent Exchange" mod for "Minecraft Tekkit." It has unlimited durability, deals 7 hearts of damage, and has an area-of-effect special attack. Tekkit provides several methods to obtain the materials for this sword and this guide will show you the energy condenser method.

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  1. Craft an energy condenser

    Energy condensers convert items with a certain "Energy-Matter Currency" value into other items with an equivalent value. The crafting recipe for an energy condenser is an alchemical chest surrounded by four diamonds in a cross shape and four obsidian blocks in the corners.

  2. Convert items to red matter

    Place red matter as the target for the energy condenser and convert items to reach an EMC value of 466,944 to obtain one piece of red matter. Repeat this process for another piece of red matter since the sword requires two.

  3. Craft a dark matter sword

    The crafting recipe for a dark matter sword is two pieces of dark matter placed vertically above a diamond. The energy condenser produces dark matter for 139,264 EMC per piece.

  4. Craft a red matter sword

    Place the two pieces of red matter on the crafting table vertically above the dark matter sword. Pick up the resulting red matter sword and place it in your inventory.

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