How Do You Make a Rainforest Diorama?


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To make a rainforest diorama, use an old shoebox, and gather supplies such as card stock, construction paper, paint, scissors, glue, rocks and twigs. Stand the box upright, and decorate the open side with crafted trees, plants and animals.

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Leave the shoebox lid on because this helps it stand better. Glue a small box on the back near the bottom of the hinge to keep it open and steady. Paint the inside of the box green and the outside any color. To add depth to the inside, vary the shades of green, and paint some trees.

Draw trees on brown construction paper, adding tabs at the bottom and sides. Cut out the trees, fold the tabs, and use them to glue the trees to the sides and bottoms of the box. Make a whole tree without side tabs, and place it in the center of the box, gluing the branches to the top of the diorama. Use crumpled crepe paper for leaves.

Cut leaves out of construction paper, and make plants to glue in the diorama. Use magazine photos to depict rainforest animals, or print out a set on card stock. Once the animals are glued in, add natural materials like twigs and rocks.

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