How Do You Make a Raindrop Bracelet?

How Do You Make a Raindrop Bracelet?

To make a raindrop bracelet, loop three different colors of rubber bands around a loom, and hook the bands with a loom tool. To complete the project, you need a clip, 26 rubber bands for the outside of the design and 24 rubber bands in two colors for the inside.

  1. Set up the loom

    Face the loom so that the arrow is pointing up. At the bottom of the loom, hook one outside rubber band on the center peg and the peg to the left, and then hook another outside band on the center peg and to the right.

  2. Loop the loom bands

    Hook the first inside color on the bottom center peg and the one above it, and repeat with the second inside color. Hook the next outside band on the bottom left peg and the one above, and repeat on the right side. Continue adding rubber bands in the same manner until you reach the other end of the loom.

  3. Cap the end

    From the top center peg, loop one outside rubber band to the left peg and another to the right. Then loop the two inside colors from the top center peg to the one below it. To cap the end, loop one outside band twice around the top peg.

  4. Hook and connect the loom bands

    Turn the loom around. From the bottom center peg, pull the second inside rubber band off the peg, and loop it around the peg above it. Repeat with the first inside band. On the left and right sides, hook the lower loom band to the peg above. Repeat these steps until you reach the other end of the loom.

  5. Complete the bracelet

    With the loom tool, lift the bracelet off the loom. Connect the ends with a clip.