How Do You Make a Raggedy Ann Wig?

To make a Raggedy Ann wig, start by cutting a skein of red yarn into pieces long enough to go over your head down to the shoulders. Sew the strands of yarn onto a narrow strip of felt to hold them in place. Attach the felt to a nylon cap, if necessary, then cut the "hair" to the desired length and style.

  1. Gather supplies

    You will need at least a skein of red yarn, some scrap pieces of felt, some pins and a threaded sewing machine. You could buy or make a thin nylon cap to attach the wig to so it stays on your head. You could also add some white ribbon bows.

  2. Cut the skein of yarn into long pieces

    Depending on the look you want, cut the yarn into pieces long enough to go over your head and down to your ears or shoulders. You need to cut a lot of pieces, at least 100. Do not worry about them being perfectly even, because you can trim them later.

  3. Pin the yarn pieces to the felt

    Cut a piece of scrap felt long enough to fit on your head front to back and about 2 inches wide. Lay your pieces of yarn along the length, trying to distribute them evenly. Take another piece of felt the same size and pin it over the top of the first one, pinning very frequently along the length. At this point, you basically have a yarn sandwich in the middle of two pieces of felt with long strands of yarn sticking out on both sides.

  4. Sew the yarn to the felt

    Start sewing the yarn to the bottom piece of felt with a short machine stitch. Move the top piece of felt from the yarn right before it gets stitched. It is only used to hold the yarn in place as the machine catches it. Go slowly, and do not let the yarn get pushed.

  5. Sew the felt strip and yarn to the nylon cap

    If desired, sew the strip of felt underneath the yarn to a thin nylon cap so it will stay on your head. You could also just use hair clips.

  6. Repeat the steps above for the fringe if desired

    If you want bangs falling into your face, sew small pieces of felt to attach to the long piece going over the middle of your head with yarn only on one side. This felt would then have to be attached to a nylon cap. Using hair clips or pins for several pieces of felt and yarn would be difficult.

  7. Cut and style your yarn hair

    Put the cap on your head, or attach it with hair clips. Cut the hair to the desired length. Do the hair as desired. Braid, put into pony tails, or leave loose. Attach bows, if desired.