How do you make rage comics?


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Rage comics are short strips created from pre-made memes. Using one of many generators can help speed up the comic creation process. Simply plan the comic and move the images into the squares.

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  1. Plan the comic

    Most rage comics use a four-panel design, although there are no specific rules. Plan the flow of the comic and decide what each panel should look like.

  2. Place writing and images into the strip

    Use simple text messages or images to help express an idea. Some examples include a person saying things about a topic, a picture of an object, or a sign.

  3. Use memes to express reactions

    Most rage comics are used to express reactions to events or ideas. Each meme has a very specific meaning. These memes can be copied and pasted into a template, or dragged into the comic if using a generator.

  4. Re-size images and text

    Images may need to be re-sized to fit in the panel. Use the generator options to shrink the size of the meme or text so that it is easy to read.

  5. Submit the rage comic

    Rage comics can be submitted directly to Memebase if they are made using a generator. This saves the comic as a single flat image and makes it easier to distribute.

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