How Do You Make a Rag Quilt?

How Do You Make a Rag Quilt?

To make a rag quilt, begin by cutting out 8-inch squares of all the fabrics you want to use. A 35-inch square blanket needs 1/2 yard each of five flannel patterns. The more squares you cut, the larger the quilt becomes.

Next, take two of the same print squares and place them with the wrong sides together. If desired, first put an 8-inch square of batting between the squares. Stitch along all sides of the stacked squares with a 1/2-inch seam. If necessary, trim the batting along each seam, taking care not to cut the seam. Sew an X on the square by stitching along each diagonal from corner to corner.

Repeat the process with the remaining squares. Then lay out all the squares into a pattern, such as five rows by five columns. Sew the rows first. Place the backs of neighboring squares together, and sew the adjoining sides with a 1/2-inch seam.

When the rows are finished, join them with 1/2-inch seams. Place the backs of two neighboring rows together, matching seams. Pin the matched seams in opposite directions so that the fabric is not too thick. Stitch the rows together on the long side.

To finish, snip each seam at 1/2-inch intervals within 1/8 inch of the stitching. Snip along the outer edge, as well. Do not cut into the seams.