How Do You Make a Quillow?


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To make a quillow, cut two squares each of 19 by 19 inches dimensions for the pocket and two large pieces each 73 inches in length for the quilt from two 45-inch fabrics of different colors. Join the square and larger pieces separately. Sew the pocket onto the quilt.

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Use two fabrics measuring 2 5/8 yards of different colors to make the quillow. A lightweight batting of the same size can also be used as an added layer for the quillow. Pre-wash the fabrics.

For the quillow pocket, layer one 19 by 19 inch fabric face up and the other face down on the batting of the same size and sew along the edges using a 1/2 inch seam. Leave a 6-inch opening on one side. Turn the pocket right side out and hand-sew the opening.

Similarly, layer the two large fabric pieces and the batting piece of the same size for the quilt and sew using a 1/2 inch seam. Leave an 8-inch opening, turn the quilt right side out and hand-sew the opening.

To attach the pocket to the quilt, place the square at the center of one width of the quilt with the matching color facing up. Stitch all the sides of the pocket close to the edge on the quilt, except the side that is closest to the center of the quillow. Finally, reinforce the stitches.

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