How Do You Make a Quill Pen?

How Do You Make a Quill Pen?

How Do You Make a Quill Pen?

To make a quill pen, cut off the end of a quill feather at an acute angle to create a writing point. Dip the pen into ink to begin writing. You need a goose or turkey feather, a knife, ink in a bottle, a marker and tweezers.

  1. Choose the feather

    Select a feather with a sturdy shaft that is long enough for you to grasp comfortably. Quality goose and turkey feathers are available online and at craft stores, and they can also be found along hiking trails.

  2. Prepare the quill for cutting

    Trim the sides along the lower portion of the feather to provide more room to grip the pen. Select a spot on the quill that allows the writing point to face downward. Mark the spot with a marker, and cut at that point at an angle of 45 degrees or less.

  3. Ready your quill for writing

    Use a pair of tweezers to pull out any materials remaining in the shaft of the quill. Reach well up into the shaft, as feather spines are hollow, and you do not want material spilling out as you write. Choose the color of ink that you want to use, and dip the tip of the pen into the ink to start writing.