How Do You Make Quill Feather Pens?


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To make a quill pen, remove the feathers along the bottom end of the quill, and lightly sand the feather until it is smooth. Cut the end of the quill at an angle, and cut the sharp tip of the quill off so it is flat. Make a slit in the center of the tip of the quill to hold ink. Then, shape the sides of the quill with a knife by cutting the sides down towards the tip.

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Use caution when cutting the sides of the feather, as the tip of the pen should remain flat. If the pen tip becomes pointed, cut the pointed end off the feather. Hold the feather in your hand like a pen after removing the bottom feathers to determine which way to cut the tip. Choose a feather that is straight or slightly curved to make the pen, and cut the tip so the writing tip points down.

Another option is to cut the tip of the feather off and insert a ball point pen refill into the feather. If necessary, cut the excess plastic off the top section of the refill, and use glue to secure the pen refill to the feather. Use a turkey or goose feather to make the pen, being sure to choose a feather that is large enough to hold comfortably.

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