How Do You Make a Purse From Neckties?

How Do You Make a Purse From Neckties?

In order to make a purse from neckties, zigzag stitch the neckties together, cut off the bottom, stitch the bottom and sides straight to form the pouch and add another tie for the purse handle. More ties can be used, depending on the size and pattern desired.

To create a necktie purse:

  1. Gather materials
  2. Eight neckties, a needle, thread and a sewing machine will be needed to make the purse.

  3. Make the purse pattern
  4. Arrange the ties on the floor for your pattern. Choose the focal tie and add the three other ties on each side. The main tie pattern in the center will have the wide side of the tie down and the other will have the narrow side down. Once the pattern and layout is decided, sew the ties together one at a time, keeping the zigzag stitching as straight as possible. Sew about 24 inches.

  5. Sew the seams and strap
  6. Cut the bottom straight, fold the cut side upwards so it is 8 inches to the crease and turn the raw side over and sew it down. Take the last tie and sew the large end to the bottom of the crease, letting the tie extend to become the strap. Sew the sides and stitch the strap to the other side, creating a V-shape edge.