How Do You Make a Prisoner Costume From Scrubs?


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To make a prisoner costume out of medical scrubs, purchase solid color scrubs, cut numbers and letters out of iron-on patching fabric and attach these numbers and letters to the scrubs. Accentuate your costume with temporary tattoos on your neck and hands.

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  1. Purchase solid color scrubs

    Buy solid color scrubs, preferably in blue, tan or orange. You can find scrubs online or at most uniform supply stores.

  2. Make numbers for your costume

    Cut iron-on patching fabric into numbers to represent your prisoner identification number. Use numbers and dashes to make the costume more realistic.

  3. Attach the numbers to the scrubs

    With a warm iron, press the numbers to the back of the costume. Cut smaller numbers and press these on the front of the costume, around the pocket area. Prisoner numbers on the back of the uniform are usually located near the shoulder blade area.

  4. Cut letters for your costume

    Cut iron-on patching fabric into letters spelling out the state prison of your choice. Press the prison name at the back of the costume with a warm iron.

  5. Apply temporary tattoos

    Incorporate temporary tattoos as accessories to your costume. Apply the tattoos on visible areas such as the neck and hands.

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