How Do You Make Printable Paper Borders?


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Make custom paper borders for letter- and legal-size paper using the clip art available in software such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Customizable canned designs are available from websites such as PageBorders.net, IdeaArt.com and Free Printable Borders.

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To make an easy printable paper border, open a new document in a word-processor such as Word or presentation software such as PowerPoint, and set the View option to Print Layout. Set the smallest margins possible for your document, and draw a separate text box for any copy you plan to add. Place the art for your border as close to the edge of the page as possible.

Locate the Insert tab, and select the Picture option. The Insert Picture pop-up window allows you to select art from one of the galleries that comes with your software or to choose files of your own. Alternately, you can drag and drop art into position. When you finish designing your border, save copies of your document to use as templates.

If you don’t want to make printable borders from scratch, websites such as Page Borders, Idea Art and Free Printable Borders offer canned templates that are customizable. Many of these templates can be scaled up for use with larger sizes of paper such as poster board or printed on cardboard to make stencils.

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