How Do You Make Printable Heart Patterns?


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Make printable heart patterns by drawing the images in a graphic design program such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or GIMP and printing the image or by using shape tools in a word processing program. Alternately, scan an existing heart pattern to modify it, and print it as a pattern.

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How Do You Make Printable Heart Patterns?
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Both Photoshop and GIMP let you create images using either preset shape tools or free drawing tools. In Photoshop, choose the Custom Shape tool, and select the heart from the available list of shapes. It is also possible to download and install other shapes from third-party websites. Alternately, using the free form drawing tools to create a unique heart shape. In GIMP, use the Ellipse tool to draw an oval shape, then the Paths tool to modify its outline. This tool gives you the ability to manipulate the outline of the oval to create the point at the bottom of the heart and the two rounded edges on the top.

Adobe Illustrator functions on a similar premise, in that you are able to create lines and manipulate them into various curves. Microsoft Word features a basic shape creation tool that does not allow for detailed manipulation beyond overall size. To scan a hand drawn or other such heart image, open your scanning program and choose the Import option. Print the file as is, or open it in another program to modify it.

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