How Do You Make Free Printable Door Hangers?

To make your own free printable door hanger, use a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. Open a door hanger template, and edit it to suit your content and preferences. Then, save the file for future use, and print the door hangers when you are ready.

  1. Open a template

    Open a new Microsoft Word document, and find the templates section. Find or download a door hanger template to use. Open the door hanger template you choose. There should be room to print three door hangers on a standard 8.5- by 11-inch page size. To see the gridlines between each door hanger, go to the Layouts tab, and click view gridlines on the far left of the toolbar.

  2. Edit the door hanger

    Type in the information you want to appear on the door hanger. Change the font to the size, color and style you desire. Remember to leave the top section of the page black. This is the part of the door hanger that has a circle or "X" and attaches to the door knob. Insert any images or clip art that you want on the door hanger. Each of the three door hangers can feature a different design.

  3. Save and print

    Click save to store the document for future use. Print the door hangers, and cut them apart when you are ready to use them.