How Do You Make Primitive Barn Signs?

How Do You Make Primitive Barn Signs?

Primitive barn signs bear rustic designs painted on weathered wood and though large signs often adorn barns, smaller versions are popular home decorations. To paint your own sign, you need a piece of wood, washable white glue, acrylic paint, a computer with an inkjet printer, a piece of card stock, a paper cup, paint brushes, sandpaper, metal hanging hooks and clear decoupage paste. This project requires overnight drying time.

  1. Coat the card stock with glue

    Squeeze some glue into a disposable paper cup and brush it onto the card stock. Wait for the glue to dry.

  2. Prepare the wood

    Scrub the wood with sandpaper until its surface is moderately smooth. Wipe away the sanding debris and paint the wood with a solid background color.

  3. Print and trim the design

    Ensure that the card stock is completely dry, then load it into an inkjet printer. Orient the card stock so that printing occurs on the glued side. Print the design and cut around it until only a thin margin remains. Note: if using words or phrases in your design, be sure to print them as a mirror image (the print should appear backwards on the card stock), so that they will appear properly after they have been applied to the board.

  4. Experiment with design placement

    Place the design on the wood with the printed and glued side down. Adjust its position according to your taste, then remove it and place it next to the wood.

  5. Mount the design

    Brush the wood with decoupage paste and immediately cover it with the glued side of the card stock. Run your hand over the paper to eliminate air bubbles, but do not move the paper itself. Let the decoupage paste dry overnight.

  6. Remove the card stock

    With a spray bottle, wet the design area thoroughly. Once it is well soaked, gently peel the card stock away from the dried decoupage paste, taking care to remove the stubborn bits of paper. Then pat dry.

  7. Install mounting hardware

    Install the mounting hooks and hang the sign.