How Do You Make a Potato Clock?


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To make a potato clock, connect two potatoes to a low-voltage LED digital clock with copper wire, galvanized nails and alligator clips. This easy chemistry project demonstrates the concept of electrochemical cells, in which chemical energy is converted to electrical energy.

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  1. Insert the nails

    Insert a galvanized nail into each potato. If you do not have two potatoes, cut one in half.

  2. Insert the wire

    Insert a short piece of copper wire into each potato as far from the nail as possible. If you do not have any copper wire, you can also try this experiment with pennies, which are also made of copper.

  3. Connect the wire to the clock

    Before connecting the clock, remove the battery. With an alligator clip, connect one of the copper wires to the positive terminal of the clock's battery compartment. From the other potato, connect the nail to the negative terminal with an alligator clip. With the last alligator clip, connect the other nail to the loose copper wire.

  4. Set the clock

    Once the potato battery is connected to the clock, you can set the time on the clock. You can also try this experiment with other foods, including a banana, a lemon or a pickle.

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