How Do You Make a Popsticle Stick Bridge?


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To make a Popsicle stick bridge, cut gusset plates by slicing 14 2-inch squares from balsa wood using a utility knife, and build two trusses by taping seven gusset plates to a flat surface and attaching the sticks to the gussets using hot glue. Secure struts and braces to the top and bottom of the bridge with glue.

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This craft project creates the Warren Truss bridge, a simple type of bridge that consists of equilateral and inverted triangles positioned next to each other. After taping the gusset plates to a surface, connect the Popsicle sticks and gussets with hot glue, ensuring the craft sticks uniformly align to create balanced equilateral triangles. Once the glue dries, turn over the truss, and repeat the process to connect the sticks to the opposite side for durability. Apply the same method to create another truss.

Position the bricks on the work surface at a distance of 4 inches, ensuring the long sides remain parallel. Place the trusses at vertical positions against pieces of bricks, and attach three of the slanted parts to the bricks using tape.

Attach the braces and struts, which are braces that meet the long top and bottom pieces at 90-degree angles, using glue, making sure the trusses stay vertical and perpendicular to the braces and struts. Secure braces across one end of the bridge.

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