How Do You Make Popsicle-Stick Houses?

How Do You Make Popsicle-Stick Houses?

To make Popsicle-stick houses, create two sets of five Popsicle sticks attached one over the other for the end walls and side walls, and use four sets of five half-sticks for the house's structure. Affix Popsicle sticks to form two A-shaped structures, and use these to make the roof. Finally, join the sets using wood glue.

Begin making a Popsicle-stick house by measuring four of the sticks 2 3/4 inches from one end to the midpoint. To make one end wall of the house, position two sticks such that they lie at a distance of 4 inches from each other. Apply glue 1/2 inch from each stick's top, glue five sticks over them, and allow the adhesive to dry for approximately 15 minutes. Repeat the step to make another end wall.

To make the side walls, cut four Popsicle sticks to 2 1/2 inches in length. Glue five sticks over them as before to make two sets of side walls.

Cut 10 Popsicle sticks along the center, and affix five of the sticks to make one block. Repeat the step to make four blocks in all.

To make the A-shaped structure, use three sticks glued together to make an "A." Make two A-shaped structures, and place eight or nine Popsicle sticks horizontally between their two sides.

To assemble the house, glue the blocks to the end walls while ensuring the sticks point in an outward direction. Then, glue the side walls to the corner blocks. This should create a structure with four walls. Finally, apply glue to the inner sides of the blocks, and affix the roof.