How Do You Make Poppy Flowers With Crepe Paper?


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To make poppy flowers with crepe paper, wrap green crepe paper around a cotton ball to form the center, wrap fringed dark green crepe paper around the center to form the stamens, wrap red crepe paper petals around the stamens and secure with floral wire. Each flower takes about 15 minutes to make and requires various colors of crepe paper, scissors and floral wire.

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  1. Form the center

    Wrap a 6-inch length of light green crepe paper around a cotton ball and secure it with a small piece of floral wire. Twist the excess green paper into a stem.

  2. Make the stamens

    Cut fringes along a 6-inch length of dark green crepe paper. For a realistic look, twist each of the fringes and dip them into white glue. Dip the glued tips into corn grits and allow them to dry. Wrap the stamens around the center made with the cotton ball.

  3. Add the petals

    Cut three or four large mushroom-shaped petals out of red crepe paper. Wrap each of the petals around the stamens and center of the flower.

  4. Secure with wire

    Finish the flower by tightly wrapping floral wire around the bottom of the blossom. Twist all of the excess paper into the stem. Wrap floral tape around the wire and continue tightly wrapping the excess twisted paper until the stem is 8 inches long.

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