How Do You Make Pop-up Animals?

How Do You Make Pop-up Animals?

Making pop-up animals begins with printing an image of the animal on a piece of thick paper such as construction paper or a cardstock. Create a dotted outline of the animal, and press down along those lines with the round end of a paper clip. Cut out all the pieces of the animal carefully following the outline created, and start linking the pieces together.

  1. Cut the animal pieces

    Draw or print animal pieces on a piece of heavy paper such as a construction paper or a cardstock. Make a dotted outline along the animal pieces, and press along them using a rounded end of a paper clip. Cut out the pieces carefully following the dotted outline, and fold them accordingly along the dotted line. Ensure to crease the parts well before folding them to avoid creating irregular shapes.

  2. Glue the pieces together

    Glue all the parts of the head section, and ensure the middle line of the pop-up matches middle line of the head piece. Line up all tabs of the ears and ensure the bottom tab matches with the corresponding shape of the animal.

  3. Close the animal pop-up

    After gluing different parts of the animal pop-up, let them dry naturally. Line up the body parts on both the left and right side, and ensure they match accordingly. Press both sides together firmly, and allow them to dry before closing the animal pop-up.