How Do You Make Pom Poms?


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Making pom-poms generally involves taking a bunch of loose material, securing it in the center, then flaring the ends. This can be done with many different materials, the most common of which are string or paper.

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How Do You Make Pom Poms?
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To make a pom-pom of string or yarn, first wrap the yarn densely around a piece of cardboard, folded paper, or other sturdy material that has parallel edges. Wrapping tightly is not necessary, but the more you wrap the yarn, the denser and fluffier the pom-pom. When finished wrapping, cut the yarn. Next, pass a short piece of yarn through the loop of yarn you created, tie it off tightly, and remove the cardboard or other material. Open the loop by snipping it opposite to where you tied it. Fluff the now-loose ends to create a pom-pom.

To create a paper pom-pom, first stack layers of at least six sheets of tissue paper. To create an accordion fold, begin at one end of the paper and fold a one-inch section over. Then, turn the stack of paper over and make a second, identical fold while taking the previous one-inch section with it. Repeat this process until the remaining paper is exhausted and your stack of paper resembles a flattened fan. Bind the center of the flattened stack with a piece of wire. At both ends of the stack, snip a small section off at an angle to create triangular points. Now you can fluff the layers of tissue apart to create a spherical pom-pom. You can experiment with different end cuts and multicolored stacks of paper for variation.

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