How Do You Make Polyresin?


Polyresin can be used to make molds or craft projects. Kits for making polyresin can be purchased from many craft shops and suppliers. While instructions may vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer, the process is generally the same.

  1. Work in a well-ventilated area

    Mixing polyresin involves combining a resin mix with an agent that hardens the substance, so work either outdoors or in an area that is well-ventilated so avoid inhaling any fumes. Wear protective gloves.

  2. Mix the resin

    Mix the resin according to the measurements on the package, adding other ingredients such as water. Pour the resin into a mold, and add the hardening agent.

  3. Let the resin harden to a gel

    Allow the resin to harden to the gel phase. This typically takes about 25 minutes. Once the resin hardens to a gel, decorative items can be added to it.

  4. Repeat the resin process

    Mix more resin, and add to the gel mixture. Depending on the size of the item being created, it may take several layers of resin to complete.

  5. Allow the mold to harden for 24 hours

    Once the layering process is complete, the polyresin should be allowed to dry until it is hard to the touch when tapped. This takes about 24 hours.