How Do You Make Pokemon Cards?

How Do You Make Pokemon Cards?

Pokémon cards can be made with an online generator, such as the one found on MyPoké Simply fill out the form, add a picture, print and glue to a real card.

  1. Choose a creature

    In the first section of the online form, fill out the details for the creature part of the card. This includes selecting an element type, series type, name and hit points.

  2. Upload an image

    Select an image from your computer using the Choose File button. Once selected, click Upload.

  3. Select an evolution

    Decide if the card is a Basic, Stage 1, Stage 2 or Prime evolution. All stages, aside from Basic, require a second picture to be uploaded.

  4. Create attacks

    Each card can have up to two attacks. You need to fill out attack name, damage, cost and effect for each one included on the card.

  5. Write the finishing touches

    Comments, weakness, resistance and retreat cost can be added to the bottom of the card.

  6. Save the design

    Right click on the image to save your design.

  7. Insert the image into a word processor

    Place the image in a word processor and resize it to 6.3 cm by 8.8 cm.

  8. Print the card

    Print the design. Once complete, it can be pasted onto a real Pokémon card.