How Do You Make Poinsettias From Paper?


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To make poinsettias from paper, cut red, yellow and green construction paper to the required shape and size to make five petals, the flower's center, stem and leaves. Glue the various cut paper pieces appropriately to form the flower.

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To make the petals of the poinsettia, fold one red construction paper sheet in half along its length, sketch an approximately 5-inch-long half-petal on it, and cut along the line. Stack four more sheets of red construction paper with the edges aligned, trace the outline of the full petal, and cut along the line. This makes five symmetrical and same-sized poinsettia petals.

Similarly, fold the green construction paper sheet in half, draw the outline of a half-leaf, approximately 2 inches in length, and cut along the line. Repeat the process to make more leaves. To make the flower's center, trace and cut a 1-inch-diameter circle on the yellow construction paper sheet. Alternatively, cut a number of small circles.

Form the flower by sticking the five petals in a circle such that each petal layers on the adjacent one, and glue the yellow circle or circles in the center. Create the flower stem by twisting three green-colored pipe cleaners together and wrapping a required length of green construction paper around them. Stick the stem behind the paper poinsettia, and glue the leaves on it. Make three or four more poinsettias in this manner, and arrange in a suitable flower pot or vase.

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