How Do You Make a Poinsettia Tree?


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In order to make a poinsettia tree, cut poinsettia blooms with 4-inch stems, sear the stems with a flame, insert each stem into a water-filled florist tube and insert the tube into the topiary. Once the topiary is filled with poinsettia stems, refill the florist tubes with water every few days to keep the blooms alive.

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The following steps detail the process:

  1. Gather the needed items
  2. A blooming poinsettia, a topiary planter, florist tubes and a flame or candle are needed.

  3. Prepare the blooms
  4. Cut the blooms about 4 inches down the stem. Sear the stem with a flame to prevent sap from leaking. The ends of the stems will turn black. Insert the stem into a water-filled florist tube.

  5. Create the poinsettia tree-
  6. Insert the large blooms at the bottom of the topiary by placing the florist tube with the bloom into the topiary. Work up the topiary from large to small blooms. Refill the water tubing every few days to keep the blooms alive.

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