How Do You Make a Pochette Envelope?


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According to the Do It Yourself Invitations website, the easiest and most cost effective solution is to find a pochette template online and then, using a sharp pair of scissors, cut the shape out by hand after tracing it onto a piece of the desired paper. For clean edges, score the freshly cut shape along the flaps where the folds will be.

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Once the Shape has been cut out and scored, fill the square middle section of the envelope with the message or invitation to be sent. Then fold the first three flaps over in a clockwise direction so that they overlap. The fourth and final flap must be folded down and the edge must be folded under the first flap to seal the pochette. Heavier card stock or printed velum should be used to give the finished pochette some strength and a smooth clean look. Also, according to the Do It Yourself Invitations website, a die cutting machine with a computer controlled template can enable many pochettes to be created quickly with uniform quality and crisp edges. This computer controlled method could be especially advantageous if a large amount of envelopes is needed for an event with many guests, such as a wedding.

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