How Do You Make Pirate Coins?


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Making pirate coins for a pirate-themed party or as accessories to a pirate costume is a quick and simple craft. You need cardboard, glue, scissors and either duct tape, foil, or metallic gold and silver paint.

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  1. Draw circles on cardboard

    Use a can or bottle as a stencil to draw circles of the same size on a piece of cardboard. You need two circles for every coin you want to create. Cardboard from a used pizza box, the back of a notepad or an old cereal box also works. Don't cut the circles out yet.

  2. Draw skull and crossbones designs on the circles

    Use the glue to draw a skull and crossbones design on each of the circles. While not necessary, you can draw a pattern with a pencil first. Layer the glue on thickly so that it stands up significantly above the surface of the cardboard. Let the glue dry completely, preferably overnight. The glue must be hard before you move on to the next step.

  3. Cover the coins

    Cut out each circle. Each skull and crossbones should now be solid. Cover each circle with duct tape, being careful not to push down too hard on the skull and crossbones designs. Glue two circles back to back to form a coin that has two sides. Cover the duct tape with silver or gold foil at this point for a shinier look, or paint over the duct tape with gold or silver metallic paint.

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