How Do You Make a Pirate Bandana?

make-pirate-bandana Credit: David Goehring/CC-BY 2.0

To make a pirate bandanna you need a large scarf or handkerchief that you can buy in a department store or in a party supply store. Tie the scarf with the appropriate folds to make a pirate bandanna. Also known as a do-rag, pirates wore bandannas to keep their hair and sweat out of their eyes. Bandannas can be used as an alternative to a hat, as a fashion statement or as part of a pirate Halloween costume.

  1. Choose a scarf

    If you want a longer bandanna with a tail that hangs over one shoulder, the scarf must be about 33 inches by 52 inches. Choose a scarf that is red or black to replicate the look of a pirate bandanna.

  2. Fold the scarf

    Lay the scarf on a flat surface. Fold one corner over to form a triangle. Turn the scarf over so the folded corner is against the flat surface. Make a small fold of about 2 inches along the length of the folded corner. The whole scarf is now in the shape of a triangle.

  3. Wrap the bandanna

    Carefully lift the bandanna, and place the folded edge along the front of your forehead. Wrap the front of the bandanna around your forehead.

  4. Tie the bandanna

    Tie the two corners of the folded end together of the at the nape of your neck. Drape the longer end through the knot and over one shoulder.