How Do You Make a Pippi Longstocking Costume?

To make a Pippi Longstocking costume, gather the basic elements of her look, including her clothing, trademark hairstyle and something to create freckles. Pippi Longstocking costumes are easy to make using items you already have at home, and it is a suitable costume choice for all ages.

  1. Create Pippi's look with clothing

    Pippi Longstocking is famous for her mismatched clothing and bright colors. To get the look, wear a pinafore dress over a t-shirt of contrasting color. Add patches to create a well-worn and whimsical look. Wear mismatched knee socks in a bold color or striped pattern. Pair these with old, clunky shoes or boots.

  2. Create Pippi's hairstyle

    Pippi Longstocking is known for her famous red braids that stick out and bend upwards. If your hair is long enough, replicate the look by braiding your hair into two braids on either side of your head. Braid two pipe cleaners into each braid to make them stiff, and then bend them upwards. Pippi's hair is red, so if yours is not, you can spray temporary hair color on to achieve the color. If your hair is too short to braid, purchase a Pippi-style wig from a costume shop.

  3. Add Pippi's freckles

    For the finishing touch to a great Pippi Longstocking costume, use an eyeliner pencil to create lots of freckles on your cheeks and the bridge of your nose.