How Do You Make a Pioneer Bonnet?


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To make a pioneer bonnet, cut a piece of fabric into a bonnet shape, add elastic, form the brim, sew together the bonnet and brim, and attach ribbons. You need 3/4 yard of fabric, 9 inches of elastic, interfacing, two 24-inch pieces of ribbon and a sewing machine.

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Cut two 5 1/2 by 21-inch strips from the piece of fabric, leaving a large square. To make the bonnet, fold the square in quarters with the design on the inside, iron the creased edges and unfold it to the halfway mark. Cut a semi-circle from the top half of the fabric down to the ironed fold. For the brim, fold the two fabric strips into squares, iron the edges, and unfold them to the halfway mark. Cut a quarter circle in the top half of the fabric to the ironed fold, and cut a piece of interfacing to match.

Hem the edges of the bonnet fabric under by 1/4 inch. At the square end of the bonnet fabric a few inches from the end, overlap the edges to create a channel slightly wider than the elastic. Sew the edges shut on both sides of the channel, and feed the elastic through. Stitch up the ends of the channel, including the elastic ends.

Iron the brim pieces with the interfacing between them together to fuse them, and stitch around the edges. Sew the brim to the rounded end of the bonnet, and attach the ribbons.

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