How Do You Make Pine Cone Turkeys?

How Do You Make Pine Cone Turkeys?

Glue a paper beak, feet, wattle and wings onto a pine cone with a hot glue gun. Add plastic googly eyes to the turkey with hot glue.

Short, wide pine cones work best for the turkey craft. A wide pine cone stays upright better than a narrow pine cone. Bake the pine cones on a foil-lined baking sheet at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for about 45 minutes before making the turkeys. This kills any bugs living inside the pine cones and helps dry up the sap.

The pine cone creates the body of the turkey. Position it in an upright position with the point to the top. A pine cone with a flat bottom works best.

Cut seven or eight turkey feathers from various colors of construction paper. Colorful craft foam or craft feathers also work for the craft project. Cut the feathers so they are proportional to the pine cone. Make them large enough to stick up above the pine cone but not so large they overtake it.

Fan out the feathers as you glue them onto the back side of the pine cone so they make a half-circle shape to form the tail. A triangle cut from orange construction paper or craft foam works well for the beak. Cut the wings from one color, or layer multiple wing shapes of different colors.