How Do You Make a Pillowcase Doll?


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Make a pillowcase doll using a bath towel, a chosen pillowcase, two rubber bands and ribbon. Optional accessories include fabric paints, markers, hats or bonnets for the doll. This project may be completed in an evening or over a longer period of time depending upon the artist's preference.

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  1. Choose a pillowcase

    Choose a pillowcase that reflects the colors and style that you would like to see in the finished product. If an antique look is desired, take a pillowcase and soak it in tea for an hour. Let it dry before use.

  2. Iron the pillowcase

    Lay the pillowcase flat on a heat-safe surface. Iron the pillowcase on both sides to remove the wrinkles.

  3. Prepare the head

    Take the bath towel and fold it in half. Then, roll the towel up tightly. Tie one rubber band around the end of the towel. Leave a 3-inch space for the doll's head. Place the towel centered inside of the pillowcase. Tie it under the neck with ribbon.

  4. Make the arms

    Tie a knot a few inches above the corner of the pillow. Repeat this on the other side to form the arms. Tie the ribbons an inch from the tip of the corners to create hands.

  5. Design the face

    Decorate the doll with optional accessories such as markers, fabric paint, hats or bonnets. Faces may also be stamped on or embroidered.

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