How Do You Make a Pillow for a Ring Bearer?

How Do You Make a Pillow for a Ring Bearer?

To make a pillow for a ring bearer, sew together fabric and a matching monogrammed tea towel, then decorate with ribbon. This takes about one hour to complete. You need a monogrammed and embroidered linen tea towel, 1/4 yard of fabric that matches the towel, thread, scissors, a ruler, a needle, polyester fiberfill and 3 1/2 yards of satin ribbon.

  1. Cut the fabric

    Spread out the fabric on a flat surface and measure out two rectangles that are 6 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches. Cut out the rectangles.

  2. Sew the pillow

    Sew the two pieces of fabric together. Leave a small gap in one side through which the fiberfill can be added. Flip the material of the pillow so that the sewed seams are facing the inside. Stuff the pillow with fiberfill, and sew the gap closed using a slip-stitch.

  3. Add the tea towel

    Cut two rectangles from the tea towel that are 6 1/2 inches by 6 1/4 inches. Make sure the monogram is centered in one of the rectangles. Sew the top and sides of the tea towel together, making sure that the monogram is on the inside. Flip the material right side out, and slip the towel over the pillow.

  4. Add the ribbon

    Cut 3 1/2 yards of ribbon into four equal lengths that measure 30 inches each. Tie the ribbon into a four-loop bow, and sew a bow onto each corner of the pillow.