How Do You Make a Piggy Bank?


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Make a piggy bank by taping newspaper to a bottle to form the shape of a pig, covering the bottle in papier-mâché, adding a decorative top layer and cutting an opening in the top of the bottle. You need a 2-liter bottle, newspaper, glue, paint, flour and an egg carton.

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  1. Prepare the bottle

    Wash and dry a 2-liter bottle thoroughly. Make sure the cap is securely on.

  2. Tape newspaper to the bottle

    Tape newspaper to the bottle in order to form a pig shape. For instance, round out the bottom of the bottle with newspaper to form the pig's rump.

  3. Attach the ears, feet and tail

    Cut four of the egg cups from an egg carton. Tape them to the bottle to create feet. From the lid of the carton, cut out ear shapes and tape these on top of the bottle for the ears. Twist a piece of newspaper for the tail.

  4. Make the papier-mâché

    Mix together 1 part water and 1 part flour. Whisk the mixture until there are no lumps.

  5. Prepare the newspaper

    Cut or tear newspaper into strips. Set aside pieces of paper with interesting small words or images for later.

  6. Add papier-mâché the bottle

    Dip a strip of newspaper in the papier-mâché mixture, and lay it on the bottle. Repeat this process until the entire bottle is covered. Add at least two layers of papier-mâché - more is preferable. Allow the newspaper to dry completely.

  7. Sand the pig

    Once the pig is dry, sand it until there are no bumps or lumps.

  8. Make the glue mixture

    Mix together 1 tablespoon of white acrylic paint, 1/2 cup of water and 1/4 cup of craft glue.

  9. Add the final layer of newspaper

    Dip the pieces of newspaper that were set aside in the glue mixture, and lay them over the pig to form a pattern.

  10. Cut an opening

    Carefully use a craft knife to cut an opening in the top of the pig for coins.

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