How Do You Make a Picture of Yourself Black and White but With Red Lips?

Open the photo in a photo editing program. Select the lips in the photo. Then invert your selection and apply a black and white filter to the rest of the photo. Save the new image.

  1. Open the photo in an editing program

    Open up the photo in a photo editing program such as Adobe Photoshop.

  2. Select the lips

    Use the editor's selection tools to select the part of the photo you wish to highlight in a different color, in this case the lips.

  3. Invert your selection

    Inverting the selection means that the editor selects the entire photo except the part you outlined. To invert your selection in Photoshop, go to Select, and then Inverse.

  4. Apply a black and white filter

    Apply a black and white filter to the rest of the photo apart from the lips. To do this in Photoshop, go to Image, then Adjustments. Then click Desaturate. The on screen image changes to black and white, but the software still has the color data. The lip section is still in color.

  5. Add color to the lips

    If the lips are already red, leave them as they are. If you want to make them more red, select the lips again and adjust the color until it is what you want.

  6. Save the new image

    Save your new image under a new name so that you'll still have the original color photo.