How Do You Make Personalized Match Boxes?


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Make personalized matchboxes by printing out a decorative label and pasting it onto the cardboard of the sliding matchbox cover. The cardboard holding the matches can also be personalized or completely redone.

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First, buy some generic matchboxes, and remove the outside cover. Slide a knife under the striker strip on the cover to break the glue seal and unfold the cover into a single cardboard strip. Measure the dimensions. Using these measurements, design a personalized label on a word processing program. Make sure that the label covers all but the striker strip, and snip off any excess.

Glue the label down, and refold the cover in the proper shape. Finish by regluing the striker strip over the end of the cardboard. Place a pen in the box so that the cover holds its shape while the glue dries. Slide the box holding the matches into the cover.

You can also opt to personalize or remake the box portion in a different color using cardstock. To do this, take apart one of the boxes as a template, trace it on a piece of cardstock, and cut it out. Using the template as a guide, fold the cardstock into the proper shape, and glue it into position.

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