How Do You Make People Out of Large Clay Pots?


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To create a decorative garden figure, join several sizes of flower pots together with lengths of rope to form legs, arms, a torso and a head. This project requires three large pots, 12 medium pots and 12 small pots, as well as paint, acrylic sealer and styrofoam. Other supplies include a paint brush and a pair of scissors.

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The two largest pots create the figure’s body, while a slightly smaller pot forms its head. The small and medium flower pots make up the arms and legs respectively. Decorate the pots with paint, and coat with acrylic sealer before assembling the project.

Cut 12 pieces of styrofoam into 3-inch squares, and poke a hole through each one. Tie a knot in one end of a piece of rope, slide a styrofoam chunk onto it and then add a flower pot with the opening facing downwards. Continue until six pots are threaded onto the rope to create a leg. Form a second leg as before, and spread the two stacks so that they are joined by 12 inches of rope. Follow this technique to create two arms with the small flower pots.

Move the project to the location where the figure will be displayed. To form the body, stack the two largest pots with their openings together, and thread a piece of rope through both pots, leaving a tail at the top. Bring the rope strung between the two legs around the back of the torso, and position the legs as desired. To add the arms, secure the extra rope between them around the rope at the top of the body. Slide the remaining flower pot over the rope, with the opening facing upwards, and tie a knot in the rope to secure the pot.

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