How Do You Make Penguin Crafts?

How Do You Make Penguin Crafts?

Penguins make great subjects for kids' crafts. One easy project involves drawing, cutting and pasting colored construction paper together. You need black, white and orange construction paper, scissors, and wiggle eyes.

  1. Trace the shapes

    Draw shapes onto the medium of your choice. You can use colored construction paper, foam or even felt. Draw an oval shape, with the bottom wider than the top, on black paper. Draw a heart on a white piece of paper that is slightly smaller and thinner than the black oval so that the white shape fits in the black shape. Draw three hearts on the orange paper. Make two hearts the same size and slightly larger then the third heart.

  2. Cut out the shapes

    Cut out the shapes that you just drew. Make sure that the white heart fits in the black oval. Trim the white heart down if it is too big. Round the points of the two equal-sized orange hearts. Place the shapes on the paper to make sure that everything fits correctly.

  3. Glue the shapes together

    Glue the white heart onto the black oval, with the point of the heart at the wide end of the oval. This is the bottom of the penguin. Glue the two orange hearts to the bottom of the black oval for the penguin's feet. A lobe of each heart should be slightly overlapping the bottom of the white heart. Glue the smaller orange heart to the upper center of the white heart for the beak. Glue the wiggle eyes just above the beak so that they are touching it.