How Do You Make a Peg Loom?


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To make a peg loom, gather a wooden dowel, a piece of timber, a drill and drill bits. Cut the wood to the size you want. Drill holes into the piece of wood, and stick the wood pegs into them.

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  1. Gather your materials

    You need a long, round wooden dowel and a rectangular piece of wood. For tools, you need a drill and a wood drill bit. A vice is also helpful.

  2. Cut the dowel

    Cut the round dowel into several pieces of equal lengths. The number and size depends on what you want to use the peg loom for. In one end of each dowel, drill small holes wide enough for your yarn to go through.

  3. Cut the timber

    Cut the piece of timber to be slightly wider than the desired width for the loom.

  4. Drill holes in the base

    The timber is the base of the loom. Measure and mark where the holes are to be drilled along the base. They should be evenly spaced. Drill holes just slightly wider than the width of the round dowels. You want it to be a snug fit for the dowels.

  5. Place dowels in the holes

    Place the dowels in the holes of the piece of wood that forms the base. The end with the hole in it goes in the base. Make sure that they fit snugly and that the small holes are visible.

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