How Do You Make a Pebbles Costume?

There are numerous options for making a Pebbles costume, but the easiest way to make one for your infant or child is to cut up a bright green infant bodysuit or toddler-sized T-shirt, removing the sleeves and making jagged cuts in the neckline and bottom hem. Glue felt triangles all over the top, and have the infant or child wear blue or black bloomers, shorts or leggings. Complete the outfit by placing the child's hair in a high ponytail if possible, and securing a small, plush toy dog bone to the front of the ponytail with an elastic band.

  1. Shape the bodysuit or T-shirt

    Cut off the bottom part of the infant bodysuit if the costume is for an infant. Use fabric scissors to cut off the sleeves of the bodysuit, or if the costume is for a toddler, a T-shirt. Cut jagged, triangular shapes into the neckline and bottom hem with the scissors to create that classic Flintstones look. While lime green is the traditional color of Pebbles' top, any bright color works.

  2. Attach black felt triangles to the top

    Cut several small triangles out of black felt. Use a hot glue gun to glue each one to the back and front of the costume.

  3. Choose bottoms to go with the costume

    Pair the top with light blue bloomers, shorts or leggings, depending on your preference for your child. Opt for black if you don't have bottoms in light blue.

  4. Complete the costume with a dog bone ponytail

    Secure your child's hair into a high ponytail with a smooth elastic band, if possible. Position a small, plush toy dog bone at the front of the ponytail, and wrap a second elastic around the ponytail and the dog bone to secure it in her hair. Look for the toy dog bone at pet and toy stores.