How Do You Make Parachute Cord Bracelets?


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To make a paracord survival bracelet, braid 12.5 feet of paracord using a cobra stitch. You need scissors and a lighter to complete the bracelet; a needle and thread are optional.

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Fold a 2.5-foot length of paracord in half, and tie an overhand knot 1 to 2 inches from the loose ends. Take two 5-foot pieces of paracord in different colors, and join them together. To join the cords, pull the inner strands slightly out of one of the pieces, and cut off 1/2 inch. Heat the other piece of cord, insert it into the outer sheath of the first, and squeeze together. If using a needle and thread, add two to three stitches to the join for strength.

Lay the long joined cord horizontally, and place the short piece centered over the top so that the loop sticks out 1 inch above the long cord. Tie a cobra stitch by crossing the right leg of the long cord over to the left and threading the left leg through the loop created. Repeat the cobra stitch, alternating sides so that you always start with the same color. Be sure to leave the 1 inch loop at the top. To bunch the stitches closer together, place something in the loop, and push upward on the stitches.

Continue adding stitches until there is 1/2 inch between the stitches and the overhand knot. If desired, use a needle and thread to attach the first cobra stitch to the center core. Put the bracelet on your wrist, and adjust the knot if needed. Clean up loose ends by cutting each to 1/4 inch and melting the remaining end with the lighter. Press each molten end into the bracelet with a wet finger.

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