How Do You Make a Paper Truck?


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To make a paper truck, make a small cube and a large cube using grid paper, and secure one in front of the other using a brass brad. Make four circles with paper for the wheels of the truck, and decorate it as desired.

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How Do You Make a Paper Truck?
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To make the small cube, draw four boxes vertically on the grid paper, each one four by four squares large. Add two boxes of the same size to both sides of the second box. Include an extra row on top of the first box and all three sides of the boxes on the sides of the second box. Make the larger cube in a similar manner using boxes six by six squares large.

Cut along the outer edges of the boxes, and stick paper on their backs to create a sturdy truck. To shape both the cubes, fold the first and third boxes and those on either side of the second box so they stand at a 90-degree angle around the second box. Crease and stick the glue tabs to the inner edges of the adjacent square. Fold the fourth square on top of the cube, but do not stick it.

Position the small cube at the bottom center of the larger one's front, and attach it using a brass brad. Make four 3-inch circles using paper for the wheels, and stick them on the truck. Stick the fourth square of the cubes. Decorate the truck with paint, stickers, fabric bits and sequins.

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