How Do You Make a Paper Spider?


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To make a spider from paper, cut oval shapes from black or brown paper for the head and body, and attach strips of paper to the sides for legs. Since some spiders have more than two eyes, glue several googly eyes to the head.

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First Palette recommends beginning by cutting two ovals. For a 12-inch finished spider, cut one 6-by-9-inch oval for the body and one 3-by-2-inch oval for the head. Glue the head to the body with craft glue. Cut four 12-by-1-inch rectangles for the legs. Turn the body face down on your work surface and glue the legs to the bottom of the spider's body. Center the legs so that they are equally long on both sides.

Flip the body over so the glued portion is concealed underneath. Fold the legs in half so the bottom part of the leg is pointing down. Glue anywhere from two to eight wiggly eyes on the head. To display your paper spider, First Palette has several suggestions. Glue a long piece of yarn to the head to make it look like your spider is hanging from a web. Attach a clothespin to the back of the spider to clip it onto any surface, such as a book or a paper spider web.

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