How Do You Make Paper Snowflakes?


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To make paper snowflakes, fold a square paper in half diagonally, creating a triangle. Fold the paper in half again to form a smaller triangle, and then fold it in thirds. Trim the overhanging flaps, create the design by cutting various shapes in the triangle, and unfold the finished snowflake.

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Making small changes in cuts determines the snowflake’s internal pattern and the style of its outer edge. For example, when trimming off the overhanging flaps, make a rounded cut along the bottom of the triangle, instead of a straight line, to produce a rounded snowflake edge. In contrast, cutting other shapes in the bottom of the triangle, such as half-circles or small triangles, creates a more detailed decorative edge.

Make the majority of your cuts along the two sides of the triangle, and create an intricate design by choosing sharp, rounded and abstract shapes. Try to come up with cutout combinations that produce familiar objects, such as flowers. Any cuts at the triangle’s tip produces a decorative shape at the center of the snowflake. Experiment by cutting off the tip in an arc, straight line, slanted line or triangular dip. Never make a complete cut across the triangle’s center, as this leaves a large portion of the finished snowflake wide open without any design elements.

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