How Do You Make a Paper Snowflake?


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Making paper snowflakes involves folding paper in half diagonally twice, folding it into thirds, cutting off any extra material and trimming the edges freehand. When unfolded, the results yield a snowflake pattern.

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How Do You Make a Paper Snowflake?
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Start with a square sheet of paper and fold it by holding the top edge even with the right edge and pushing the paper to the left until it creases. If the original sheet is not square, cut any extra paper beyond the doubled area. At this point, the paper is a large triangle.

Fold the paper in half again by matching the points on the long end, yielding a smaller triangle. Position the triangle with the long edge on the bottom and bring the left point down to one third of the way across and crease the paper along the smooth edge. Repeat by bringing the right side in and folding, creating a shape with a point at the top and two points on the bottom. Cut across the bottom in a straight line, removing the two points.

Finish the snowflake by trimming each of the three edges using straight or wavy lines. Be sure to leave a few uncut areas on the two folded sides, so the snowflake holds together. Unfold the paper carefully to unveil the snowflake. Use paper putty to attach the snowflake for decorating windows, packages or other surfaces.

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