How Do You Make a Paper Skeleton?

To make a paper skeleton, tape cardboard tubes together, inflate a balloon, mix a pot of paper mache, and cover the tubes and balloon with it. You need cardboard tubes, tape, scissors, paper, a spoon, a pin, a stove, a pot, flour, water and a balloon.

  1. Create the framework

    Tape cardboard tubes together to form the framework of the skeleton. Use paper towel tubes for the long bones, and toilet paper tubes for shorter bones. Cut the tubes into thin segments for the vertebrae. To make joints, cut a rectangular flap from the end of a tube, bend it outward, and tape it to the tube on the other end of the joint. Inflate a balloon for the head, but do not attach it to the skeleton.

  2. Mix a pot of paper mache

    Set a pot on a stove over medium heat, and add 4 cups of water. Pour in 6 cups of flour, and stir the mixture constantly until it forms a thick paste. When the paste begins bubbling, turn off the stove, and slide the pot off of the hot burner. Let the mixture cool.

  3. Cover the skeleton with paper mache

    Dip strips of paper into the paper mache, and wrap them over the skeleton. Cover the skeleton and the balloon with four or five layers of paper mache. When the balloon is dry, pop it with a pin, and tape the skull to the neck of the skeleton.