How Do You Make a Paper Shuriken?


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To make a paper shuriken, also known as a ninja star, cut a square piece of paper in half, fold each half separately several times and connect the two halves to complete the star. Instead of origami paper, you can also make a shuriken with two dollar bills.

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  1. Cut the paper

    Cut a square piece of paper in half lengthwise.

  2. Fold each half

    Fold each rectangle in half lengthwise, and create a center crease. Fold the top right corner down and over to the left. The right edge should now run parallel to and along the center crease. Fold the bottom left corner up and over to the right. The left edge should now meet the right edge along the crease. Turn the paper over. Create 90-degree triangles at each end by folding the right corner down and the left corner up. If you are using dollar bills, you need to fold under extra paper to complete the triangles. Fold the triangles at either end in towards the center.

  3. Complete the shuriken

    Lay one half of the star over the other with the corners in opposite directions. The open folds should face upwards. To secure the shuriken, fold the triangles into the open pockets.

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