How Do I Make a Paper Picture Frame?

How Do I Make a Paper Picture Frame?

A paper picture frame can be made by using simple folding techniques with the help of scissors, glue and tape. Additionally, the frame can be decorated with markers, stickers or other embellishments.

A frame can be made from any kind of scrap paper. However, this project looks especially interesting with pages from a magazine or newspaper.

Step 1: Make the first fold

Take a square piece of paper, and fold it in half diagonally. Fold it in half again, then unfold it. It should have a cross-shaped fold in the center.

Step 2: Round the corners and fold the sides

Fold each corner toward the center, then fold it again in the same direction. The corner should be hidden by the second fold. Flip the piece over and fold each corner back toward the center by about an inch.

Step 3: Make a stand and attach it to the frame

Take another square of paper and fold it in half down the center, vertically. Open it so it lays flat, then fold each side toward the center line to make two flaps. Fold the ends of this rectangle over by 1/2-inch, then fold the whole rectangle in half horizontally. This will make a "V" shape that can then be tucked into or attached to the back corners of the frame.